dry foods

Toppings & Fillings

Instant Jelly Powder

Our instant jelly powder is import from ITALY.It suitable apply for fruits jelly, fruit topping layer, traditional layer cake and any of the jelly products. The dosage are 3~5%

Crystal Jelly Glazes

Transparent jelly low sugar piping glaze, possibility to add colour/ flavour in.Apply on top of fresh fruit to have glazing texture, giving protection and nice finish on cake topping.

Hotfil/ Decofil/ Topfil/ Fruit Filling/ Puree Jam

For cake topping and filling.
Suitable in cake topping and cake decoration.  Use as filling in bread and pastry product. It contain several types of fruits flavour.

Bun Filling

Low sugar and baked stabile bun filling.We provide famous black bean, red bean, white bean, pandan, blueberry and yam flavour.

Green Tea Powder

Chicken Floss (Halal)

Our chicken floss are listed with HALAL Certificate and Healthy Department R.I (B.POM).

We have Spicy and Sweet Flavour chicken floss that can use on bun topping and filling.